Holly Wilson

Amorphous Noise © 2013
   Objects are vehicles that are designed to inform an accommodation of absolute personal identity. Possession has the ability to instill a sense of power and euphoria. It can also leave one hungry for more - what we already own is never enough. My discontinued objects form obsessive units which are modified to enhance a persons life - as advertised. The concept of work vs. leisure has been eliminated within the space - forming a consistent non-obligatory bliss. By working in an obsessive compulsive I want the viewer to transcend the pressure of attraction and reconnect with reality.

 Holly Wilson (b. 1992, Columbus, Ohio) is an American sculpture artist. She currently lives and works in Syracuse, NY directing local art gallery, Apostrophe’ S. Her artwork materializes identity as a deranged apparatus that leaks the innermost desires of society. By investigating the banality and exercise of routine life - her new body of work infuses memory and perception within the discarded products she hoards. Holly recently exhibited at the MINT Museum Uptown at Gendered in Charlotte, she recently finished an artist residency at Sculpture Space in Utica, NY.