Amorphous Noise © 2013

Holly Wilson

  An electronic noise envelops us as we live closely packed together in a society of constant presentation and upkeep. My work amplifies this noise - bluntly asking its audience to reconsider. Acting as a threshold of consciousness -my work is a process that moves the viewer from one way of thought to another. As the rest of society is passively choked by the man; living in repetition through stereotypes and false realities- a new generation will assemble. Constantly probed to post and comment on every product, place, and emotion we encounter, I want the work to transcend these pressures, and reconnect with reality. Working in an excessive compulsive, I react to these human calamity as a personal outlet.

Holly Wilson (b. 1992, Columbus, Ohio) is an American sculpture artist. She currently lives and works in Syracuse, NY directing local art gallery, Apostrophe’ S. Her artwork materializes identity as a deranged apparatus that leaks the innermost desires of society. By investigating the banality and exercise of routine life - her new body of work infuses memory within discarded products. She recently exhibited at the MINT Museum Uptown for the show Gendered in Charlotte, NC and has contributed two new sculptures for the public Lipe Art Park in Syracuse NY.