Holly Wilson

Sanctuary of Excess

 March 10 - April 2, 201

*Visible from the Chelsea Highline Park*

 Xposed on the Highline , W 19th St. NYC

   Objects act as a vehicle that inform transformation for a better ideal life and alteration of personal identity. Possession of ‘stuff’ can also provoke a sense of power and euphoria. Consumerist media exploits the human desire of self prosperity by constantly probing us to comment on every product, and place encountered. The purchase of objects overtime has delegated a system of normalities and systems that inform society on how to live. My discontinued objects form obsessive units which are designed to ‘enhance’ a persons life as advertised. The concept of work vs. leisure has been eliminated within the space forming non-obligatory bliss. Manipulating the excessive the work informs society to transcend from its obsession of constant prevention and upkeep.

A special thanks to Xposed Gallery for hosting this exhibition